NUDE in Bloom

A celebration of spring approaching, in collaboration with rule-breaking East-London based florist Grace & Thorn.

A project in which we highlight NUDE vases with beautiful flower compositions by Grace & Thorn in their unique style.

The team will also share their thoughts on vase selection, flower conditioning, and how to make your own flower arrangement for your space - echoing their simple, but powerful philosophy of helping people see flowers and plants in a different way.

NUDE Magnolia vase with a flower composition of bold rose tulips and tuberoses in soft pinks, whites and caramel tones, created by florist Grace & thorns


‘The curved shape and pastel tones of the pink Magnolia vase are matched with big bold rose, reflexed tulips and delicately-scented tuberoses in soft, fresh pinks, whites and caramel tones.’

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‘The moody smoked glass of the Inca Vase, inspires the palette of this arrangement, with flowers and foliage that play on contrasts of light and dark. White anemones with striking dark centres are paired with dusky roses, dark foliages and flashes of light filler flowers like astrantia and wax flower, with interesting shadows created by the use of grasses.’

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NUDE Inca vase in lead free crystal, with a flowers composition of white anemones, dusky roses, dark foliages and light astrantia and wax flowers. Created by Grace & Thorn
NUDE Layers Vase in lead free crystal with shiny gold finish, presented with a dried flower arrangement of soft, neutral and matte tones, created by Grace & Thorn


‘To draw emphasis to the glossy metallic shine of the Layers vase, we chose a selection of dried stems in soft, neutral and matte tones to create a contrast to highlight this striking vase and celebrating the beauty of both the glass and the flowers. The vase's tall, elegant stature is also complemented by impactful pieces of pampas that rise up and out of the vase.’

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‘For the Mist range, we chose a selection of wild linear stems in a nod to the surface texture of the vases. We paired beautiful tall blooms like delphinium and irises with dancing grasses and foliage that shimmer and dance as you walk by, mimicking the subtle refractions created by the textured glass.’

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NUDE Mist vase in caramel lead free crystal, paired with tall blooms like delphinium, irises, foliage and grasses, created by Grace & Thorn
NUDE Contour vase in clear lead free crystal with gold bottom, presented with tall foliage in orange, created by Grace & Thorn


‘Big, bolshy bloom in vibrant jewel tones celebrate the bold shapes, curves and colour ways of the Contour range. The gold of the vase glimmers against the bright colours, and it’s elegant height is emphasised with tall, high impact pieces of foliage.’

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