Discovering Mindful Cocktails with Camille Vidal

A new year, a fresh start. Looking for balance or eager to take on a challenge to start 2021? Dry January is the perfect moment to start.

Dry January has become an annual tradition for many people. For some, it is part of a New Year's resolution, whilst for others it is a detox after indulging during the festive season.

For NUDE, Dry January is the perfect moment to introduce our focus on mindful drinking, so we’ve partnered up with Camille Vidal of La Maison Wellness to help motivate us and guide us into the world of Mindful Cocktails.

“Dry January is an opportunity to reassess our relationship with drinking. Whether it’s to give your body some respite or explore new flavours and ideas, it’s the perfect time to experiment with a new approach. Our mental wellbeing is so important, now more than ever, and I’m a real advocate of healthy hedonism. This prioritises enjoyment over quantity and ensures we're present with whatever we’re drinking. This more mindful perspective allows us to savour a taste, scent or experience. These cocktail recipes are a celebration of familiar flavours, reinvigorated with a conscious twist, that demonstrate how non-alcoholic cocktails can be equally as exciting.”

Camille Vidal, Mixologist and Founder of La Maison Wellness

Founder and mixologist, Camille is an advocate of mindful drinking, a concept that focuses on wellbeing and mindfulness through our relationship to drinks. She is the creator of Mindful Cocktails and the founder of La Maison Wellness: a platform dedicated to expanding the conversation around Mindful Drinking and conscious consumption for Healthy Hedonists like you!

We’ve invited Camille to share some of her thoughts on her philosophy, and specially-made recipes to inspire. You will find the 5 amazing creations Camille created for NUDE here. 

Camille Vidal of La Maison Welllness, a platform dedicated to the conversation of mindful cocktails and conscious consumption

Hi everyone my name is Camille Vidal, I’m the creator of Mindful Cocktails and the founder of La Maison Wellness: a platform dedicated to expanding the conversation around Mindful Drinking and conscious consumption for Healthy Hedonists like you!

I want to show you how to bring mindfulness into the glass and inspire you to enjoy and celebrate all the good things in life, in a way that’s sustainable but most importantly makes us feel good now and tomorrow. I spent the last decade travelling around the world, talking about the art of cocktails and I realised that what makes a cocktail special has nothing to do with how strong it is: it’s an experience of flavours, a moment of connection, a celebration of small and big occasions and that the alcohol content isn’t what makes it valuable.  I wanted to show the world that tasty doesn’t have to be boozy and at the heart of La Maison Wellness was a drive to create cocktails for everyone, for every occasion. So whether you want to drink less, or not at all, everyone has a seat at the table and at that table it’s about drinking better!

But what is a Mindful cocktail, you ask? Aren’t ‘Healthy’ and ‘Hedonist’ opposing values?!! And you are right, I’m on a mission to change our drinking culture to something more positive even in its language. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing your attention on the present moment, so bringing mindfulness into our drinking habits consists of paying attention to WHAT we are drinking, HOW MUCH we are drinking and WHY we are drinking, allowing us to appreciate more and make better decisions.

Mindful Cocktails are cocktails made with a more mindful approach, less or no alcohol and always better ingredients. It's about bringing mindfulness into the glass and understanding that what we drink- like what we eat- has an impact on our body and our mind. Too much of modern society is divided into yes and no, on or off… black and white, but life, like cocktails is about balance and I believe in the middle path.

I’m excited to share with you some of my favourite recipes showing that tasty doesn’t have to be boozy and the empowering realisation that YOU decide what goes into your glass. Let’s make what’s inside your Nude Glass as beautiful as the vessel itself! To drink well is to live well… so let’s become Healthy Hedonists together!

Mindful cocktail served in the NUDE Hepburn longdrink glass

Mindful Cocktail "Ice Tea Up" served in the NUDE Hepburn Longdrinkglass

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