Unique, resilient, sonorous and barely there...

Ghost Zero

Featuring an invisible armature created by NUDE's Ion Shielding technology, Ghost Zero wine glasses are exquisitely strong and light as a dandelion – lighter in fact, than any NUDE glass to date.

Unique, resilient, sonorous and barely there, these elegant vessels are specially designed to hold red and white wine and champagne and to focus the senses on the journey of the liquid from glass to palate.

They offer the color, brilliance, transparency and artisanry that are hallmarks of the highest quality and their weightlessness is the unmistakable weight of luxury.

All the toughness of Stem Zero, but twice as light.

Ghost Zero

As technology improves, people push the limits. It’s inevitable. Our goal was to go beyond the Stem Zero collection, to make the glasses thinner, lighter but just as durable. Of course, it also needed to be a stunning and unusual object. Using this new Ion Shielding technology meant that the link, or collaboration, between production and design creativity became much closer. I had a lot of creative freedom, and my first move was to start thinking like a wine lover.

The Technology

Ion-Shielding technology

By experimenting with strengthening techniques and suppressing the micro-fissures that cause glass to crack, NUDE has employed a special surface modification technology, based on an ion-exchange process.

These larger ions, incorporated into the glass’ surface structure and replacing the smaller ions which cause strains, form compressive stress and make the glasses more robust and more suitable for everyday use.

Ghost Zero Tulip

The Ghost Zero Tulip collection gives the classic design a contemporary twist. Meticulously handmade by our artisans, the statuesque silhouette presents a curvaceous bowl and a tapered rim – expertly shaped to intensify the aromas and flavours.

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Ghost Zero Belly

A modern classic in the making, the Ghost Zero Belly collection challenges conventions with its gently bulbous body and tapered rim resting atop a tall, slender stem. Meticulously handmade by skilled artisans, the result is a deceptively simple yet utterly sophisticated piece.

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