Remy Savage

Remy Savage’s bartending career started a little over 10 years ago as he worked in pubs in France to finance his Philosophy studies. He there found a passion in spirits and flavours but above all serving people. He settled in Paris for 5 years at the head of Little Red Door where he tried to playfully question the drinking experience, always implementing philosophical notions in his taught process, from the lighting to the menu design every details serves a purpose in Remy’s mind. Savage took the “big job” at the Artesian in 2017, worked forb2 years to rebuild the reputation of one of the most notorious bars on the planet using the media of menus to express an individual idea.

His creativity and unique way to look at the bar experience got him many accolades, including “World’s Most Imaginative Bartender” in 2014 and “Best European Mixologist” at the Berlin Bar Convent in 2018. Recently Remy joined the team at Le Syndicat in order to open a bar tabac inspired venue in Paris while he carries his London plan to associate art and drinks opening “Bar Nouveau”, an art nouveau inspired cocktail bar.