Stem Zero

Some look tough but are so fragile.
Some look fragile but are tougher than any other…

What if it was possible to create a glass so fine, so elegant, so exquisite, that it could almost make you feel as if it didn't exist?

That nothing came between you and the enjoyment of your favorite wine.

Our designers at NUDE asked themselves the same question, but after a huge amount of work and dedication have come up with the answer...

We call it... Stem Zero with Ion Shielding Technology

Nothing comes between me and my wine...

Stem Zero

The lip is gossamer-thin, the bowl delicate, the stem precise. The lightness of Stem Zero focusses all attention on the senses. 

Stem Zero is so light that it creates the sensation of weightlessness, allowing you to savour the aroma and taste in a way that until now was considered unimaginable.

The Technology

Ion-Shielding technology

By experimenting with strengthening techniques and suppressing the micro-fissures that cause glass to crack, NUDE has employed a special surface modification technology, based on an ion-exchange process.

These larger ions, incorporated into the glass’ surface structure and replacing the smaller ions which cause strains, form compressive stress and make the glasses more robust and more suitable for everyday use.

Stem Zero Vertigo

Following Nude’s ethos of keeping things simple and beautiful, Nude’s Stem Zero Vertigo range consists of 8 glasses; each designed to enhance the experience of different wines. 

The range includes glasses for sparkling wines, prestige champagne, delicate white wines, full-bodied white wines, elegant red wines and powerful red wines. The series is completed by a set of water glasses.

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Stem Zero Volcano

The Stem Zero Volcano collection epitomises NUDE’s fascination with material and functionality, and elevates classic glassware to chic new heights.

The red and white wine glasses have exquisitely simple silhouettes boasting a generous bowl, tapered sides and a crystal cut rim. The design of the champagne glass is worthy of any celebratory occasion or festive soirée.

This collection will satisfy the most discerning wine lover.


Stem Zero Grace

A tribute to the timeless style icon and her inherently chic sensibility, this NUDE Stem Zero Grace Collection is defined by the slender stem and curvaceous profile, expertly shaped by hand for maximum flavour enhancement.

The unrivalled combination of the material’s thinness, strength and clarity is a testament to NUDE’s longstanding dedication to creating elevated glassware essentials.

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Stem Zero Trio

Our new Stem Zero Trio edit brings together a red, white, and champagne glass to showcase an exquisitely thin stem alongside a gently tapered silhouetted and crystal-cut rim. 

Despite the collection's seemingly delicate appearance, the collection is expertly designed and hand-crafted to ensure a steady grip and utmost strength. Our signature Ion Shielding Technology found in the collection allows for twice the strength and flexibility as other handmade glasses of similar thinness.

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