Japandi with Mi

This month we have partnered with @villamyrahojden and her wonderful, architect design and self-built home to create some interior styling, inspired by Japandi.

Find out more about Japandi and how you can incorporate this simplistic styling into your home.

Wooden table Japandi style with NUDE products: Ecrin storage box with amber lid, Wood element with Mist votives in clear glass and Paolo santo smoking, Clear Mist vase with some brenches

How do you define Japandi?

To me Japandi is an interior style and a way of living. It unites the Scandinavian design which advocates simplicity and comfortability; lagom and hygge, with Japanese design and the wabi-sabi philosophy. It is all about natural elements, neutral tones, quality over quantity, keeping it simple, uncluttered spaces, minimalism, craftmanship and harmony.

What are your guiding principles for Japandi? 

Everything I buy, build or create and bring into my home should always add to the feeling of harmony. Every piece must be carefully curated and collected with the intention for it to stay in my home for a very long time. I always assess the quality, especially for bigger and more expensive objects, because it is important to me that whatever I buy must last for a long time.

How does your creative process work? 

I’ve always been a creative soul. I usually don’t put much thought into the process, I just act on my gut. So many of my shots are almost always a result of a spontaneous shoot because an idea suddenly popped up or because the light looked good.

Japanda interior, wit a side table on which are presented the NUDE Blow lamp in opal white, a set of books on top of which are the Mist Lights votives in clear as well as the Layers vase wide in amber and Layers vase tall in grey with some brenches

Where does your inspiration come from?

This might sound like a cliché, but I draw inspiration mostly from nature. I like being outdoors and I love living amidst nature. It’s peaceful and brings harmony to my soul. That is why I’m so drawn to Japandi. It calms me, and I want my home to give me the same sense of feeling.

Which collection from NUDE do you find the most inspiring?

It’s hard to pick one, because I really do think all collections are appealing. But I think I am mostly drawn to Big Top, Ilo and Mist. What they all have in common, besides the high quality lead-free crystal glass, is the rippled pattern and the minimalistic design. It’s timeless and the ripples gives such an interesting illusion.

What are your top 3 interior styling tips? 

  1. Always start off by identifying which feeling(s) you want your interiors to convey. For example, if you want your bedroom to feel like a calm, peaceful zen zone, then this will be your guiding star.

  2. Balance. It’s important with balance. Mix interior pieces or furniture of different heights, sizes and/or materials. I love to mix wood with natural stone and glass.

  3. Add plants! I love huge plants like trees. They make such a statement piece. Besides adding color and warmth to your home, they will also improve the air quality.

What is your favourite NUDE product?

It must be the high ball glasses from the Big Top collection. Everything looks delicious in those glasses!

Wooden table and chair in Japandi setting, with a matcha latte served in a NUDE Big Top highball with rippled detail

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