Mixology - The Art of Drink-Making

Mixology - The Art of Drink-Making

Form or Function? We speak to mixologist Remy Savage about mixology’s relationship with glass.

Mixology, the art of drink-making, has long since evolved past its roots. The concept was born from the act of creation, and whilst this still lies at the heart of the movement, contemporary mixologists continue to push the boundaries of how cocktails can be made and served. Creative innovations and a shift in the philosophy behind mixology have resulted in drastic changes to how cocktails are conceived. Glassware, ingredients, temperature, music, aesthetic, and setting are all critical aspects which mixologists consider when crafting an experience.

" … It's all about the details. I believe that beautifully crafted glassware is going to enhance the experience in a new way very much like in the world of food where plating has become very important," - Rémy Savage

More than ever, mixologists acknowledge the need for glassware which is able to meet the industry’s demands through thoughtful design, shape, and feel. Rémy Savage, award-winning bartender, former head of Little Red Door in Paris, the Artesian in London, and now at the head of Le Syndicat, has worked closely alongside NUDE's design team to develop a new collection which reflects this change in the industry. Marrying shape with function, the NUDE Savage Collection was designed with the idea that the drink and glass are two parts of a whole experience.

Rémy Savage:

‘For me, the beauty of mixed drinks doesn't necessarily rely on just the drink inside. It's about the entire experience. Flavours are a platform to showcase greater ideas, whether it's art or philosophy. I think that once all these details are expected, then the recipe and of course the glass you choose, can create something that is truly unique and special. That's what we're trying to achieve.’

‘It's every bartender's dream to have their own range of glassware. I know that for me, personally, having collected glassware for most of my adult life: understanding the process and the craftsmanship that goes behind every single piece of glass that we end up using everyday was just a fascinating process.’ 

Coming Soon!  NUDE x Rémy Savage

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NUDE Savage pony glass designed by Remy Savage presneted with a red cocktail
NUDE Savage coupetini glass designed by Remy Savage in a clear shot with a martini and olive in it
NUDE Savage coupe glass designed by Remy Savage in a clear shot with a sparkling cocktail
NUDE Savage waterglass designed by Remy Savage in a clear shot filled with sparkling water
NUDE Savage low ball glass designed by Remy Savage in a clear shot with a red colored cocktail