NUDE presents, The Garden of Shadows

NUDE presents, The Garden of Shadows

During Salone del Mobile, Nude presented its new collections in The Garden of Shadows, a conceptual installation by Sarah Izod inspired by the hidden gardens of Milan. Situated in the Paşabahçe store, the installation showcased the new glass collections designed in collaboration with international talent Defne Koz, Sebastian Herkner and Space Copenhagen.

The verdant courtyards of Milan are little-known, traditionally ensconced behind austere facades throughout the city. The Garden of Shadows embellishes on this theme to reveal an intriguing glimpse into an enchanted, colourful scene through the store’s window. Once inside the store, the eye of the viewer is drawn into an enchanted garden filled with individual glass vessels and abundant with springtime blossoms that are set in a series of still life compositions. Using light and shade, the glass vessels create a kinetic wall mural by casting curious and compelling shadows.

Structural flowers and foliage bring the glass to life with a muted, organic colour palette synonymous with Nude’s ethereal style. The juxtaposition of light and shadow elevates the beauty of each piece, revealing a new layer of detail and texture. A dynamic soundscape has been created to fully immerse the viewer in The Garden of Shadows.

Sarah Izod pictured in the background of her installation Garden of Shadows for NUDE

Sarah Izod, designer for The Garden of Shadows:

“The beauty of this creation lies in its simplicity, employing the versatility of glass to propel beautiful, striking shadows that highlight the elegance and delicacy of each piece, encapsulated by the compelling concept of Milan’s hidden gardens.”

Space Kopenhagen pictured in Garden of Shadow with their new collection for NUDE

Space Copenhagen:

“This is our first collection with Nude and we were impressed the very deep dedication to the craft of glass-making they have. Called Silhouette, the pieces reflect the name in many forms; they are glass, transparent and reflective. The name derives from a constant passion of ours to have a consistency of things to have a sculptural, aesthetic appeal.”

Defne Koz pictured with her new collection Optic vases for NUDE

Defne Koz:

“I think glass is such a luxury item and so special to work with. In my latest collection, Opti I looked at the textures and reflections within the transparency and how this works together to add more fluidity to the glass. It has been derived from the desire of creating an optical effect on the glass and therefore I use these textures slightly inclined so from the other side of the vase you see them crossing.“

Sebastian Herkner pictured playing with his new collection Ecrin for NUDE

Sebastian Herkner:

“This is my second collection with Nude and it's so fascinating to work with craftsmen who have such a depth of knowledge about their material and this is shown in the new pieces, stretching the possibilities of working with glass. Ecrin focuses on creating a beautiful container to store objects. For me it's always important to design something that becomes a companion for life. I find glass is a very emotional material and this is reflected in this collection we have created.”

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