NUDE introduces TASTEMAKERS: our latest concept in collaboration with In-Between Design, profiling a select range of creatives from architects, interior architects, chefs, gallerists, to designers – as they open up their creative processes and share their vision.

TASTEMAKERS is a video and photography series which profiles creatives with exquisite tastes: taking us through their personal experiences centered around NUDE Glass. We hope these spaces and moments serve as an inspirational source for all those who have a passion for curating their own.

TASTEMAKERS will allow you to have a more intimate personal experience with NUDE's collections in a range of different lifestyles and settings. We believe that design-led products gain more meaning in well-curated spaces which become essential parts of its users daily rituals. Each episode of TASTEMAKERS will focus on a unique aspect of this belief. Curated spaces, crafted lifestyles, sophisticated culinary experiences, contemporary interiors, and celebratory moments are all documented as part of an inspirational collage for you, the NUDE's community.

Profile image of Bilgen Coşkun and Dilek Öztürk from In Between Design 

Sophistication, authenticity, and refinement are represented in various aspects within TASTEMAKERS, which is curated by In-Between Design Platform founded by Bilgen Coşkun and Dilek Öztürk which creates design-related projects intended to generate value. By following their motto design should nurture life, In-Between brings designers, institutions and brands together in an interactive platform: with curated communication and design collection projects emerging as a result. The TASTEMAKERS concept was conceived from the belief that careful consideration and curation can increase the quality of our lives; and by bringing a group of creative profiles with various backgrounds, the series ultimately aims to inspire a life with meaning and joy.

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