NUDE Mixologist Competition

NUDE Mixologist Competition

To celebrate the Hepburn Collection, designed by Brad Ascalon, we connect this collection to our very first inaugural NUDE Mixologist Competition. Out of dozens of applicants, we have selected 8 finalists. These finalists all have created their NUDE recipe based on NUDE's ethos and inspired by the Hepburn Collection. On the 18th of November we will announce the Judge's vote and the People's vote. Up to the 17th of November, we invite you to share your voice and let us know who you believe deserves to win by liking and adding comments on your favourite cocktail.
Discover our 8 finalists, vote, or simply get inspired for creating the cocktails for your own celebrations.


Hugo Combe / @hugo.combe - Love Letters
Inspired by the paradoxical feelings of love and the purity of the Hepburn Collection.


Sondre Kasin / @mrkasin - Illusion Cocktail

Illusion Cocktail is a drink that is breathtaking and beautiful in its simplicity and craft; it reflects the perfect balance of elegance and beauty of the Hepburn Collection.


Morten Krag / - The Martini

The Martini is the very essence of NUDE's ethos "Simple is Beautiful", it's a clean, fresh, and straightforward cocktail that with th eperfect balance is smooth and sophisticated.


Murray Anderson / @thewestmount - Doctor's Orders


With a complex journey of flavour, the overall simplicity of Doctor’s Orders still prevails; with both cocktail and glassware proving that less is always more.


Achilleas Plakidas / @achilleaspl - Fall In

Fall In marks the transition from summer to autumn. In Summer your soul is free, your mind travels away! But as the seasons change, you have to be more focused.


Jeremy Downer / @downerontherocks - Leaf Me Alone

With it’s beautiful golden-yellow hue, sitting perfectly still in the bowl of the Hepburn Coupe, as a small maple leaf floats around the surface like a fallen leaf atop a puddle, it is simultaneously modest and stunning.


Ania Jakutajć-Wojtalik / @aniasvibrantkitchen - Autumn Pear

Inspired by her favourite autumn flavours of pear, apple, and cinnamon, Autumn Pear is the perfect cocktail for those cold autumnal days.


 Mark Addison / @mark_addison - Cranberry Sauce Punch

Based on a jammy swirl of cranberries, spices and orange juice, Cranberry Sauce Punch is reminiscent of everyone’s favorite holiday condiment; topped off with good champagne, the gratitude will definitely be flowing! 


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