#NUDEFridayCocktails - NUDE Bees

#NUDEFridayCocktails - NUDE Bees

NUDE Bees by Morten Krag, The Cocktail Blog

During this time of social distancing, it’s important to stay connected. At the moment things can feel uncertain and each day feels the same.

Inspired by feedback from the NUDE Community, we have partnered with our NUDE Cocktail winner and NUDE Insider, Morten Krag, The Cocktail Blog to bring you some cocktail ideas that you can make at home. Each Friday we will be sharing a new recipe on the @nudeglass Instagram account and this blog. We hope our Friday Cocktails might inspire you to dive into your home bar and make a cocktail at home as a fun Friday afternoon treat whether by yourself or virtually with friends and family over a video call.

For the first cocktail in the series, Morten has created a recipe that uses four simple ingredients; gin, fruit liqueur, lemon juice, and honey, perfectly presented in NUDE’s Hepburn Coupe.


NUDE Bees Recipe:

  1. Add ingredients listed in points 2 to 5 into a cocktail shaker

  2. 4 cl Gin

  3. 2 cl Liqueur (Cherry Blossom Liqueur used here but the recipe goes well with any liqueur in your cupboard)

  4. 2.5 cl Fresh Lemon Juice (or Lime for a more mellow citrus sensation)

  5. 1.5 cl Honey (the runnier the better -  and be sure to hit the mixer)

  6. Shake with plenty of fresh ice

  7. Strain into a freezer chilled coupe

  8. Garnish with a *homemade dehydrated Pink Grapefruit (or any available citrus) 

Instructions for dehydrated fruit

  1. Cut very thin slices of citrus
  2. Put them in the oven at 70-80°C / 158-176°F for 3-4 hours
  3. Turn them every hour
  4. Consider using hot air function in the last 30-40 minutes if you want them extra dark


NUDE Products featured:
Hepburn Coupe glass designed by Brad Ascalon
Hepburn Mixing glass designed by Brad Ascalon


Creator: Morten Krag

Instagram: @thecocktail.blog

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NUDE Savage pony glass designed by Remy Savage presneted with a red cocktail
NUDE Savage coupetini glass designed by Remy Savage in a clear shot with a martini and olive in it
NUDE Savage coupe glass designed by Remy Savage in a clear shot with a sparkling cocktail
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